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Wallit Incline, 4U [SD]

Network and communications wall-mount rack with inclining mounting frame for easy equipment and cable access

Wallit Incline, 4UGovernment salesWallit™ Incline, 4U wall mount rack makes network equipment installation and maintenance easier. In many network schemes, rear access is needed for the installation and maintenance of patch panels and switches, making Wallit Incline, 4U wall mount rack a suitable solution.

Designed for patch panels and network gear that require easy access to the back of the equipment, the rack's tilting rack-mount frame swings down and stops at 90 degrees giving installers full access to the rear of the mounted equipment.

An integrated positive stop prevents the frame from being opened more than 90 degrees to avoid causing damage or strain to your equipment and connections. A latching mechanism securely holds the frame in a closed position.

Even when in the open/down position, Wallit Incline, 4U can withstand the force of punching down multiple connections – a feature especially helpful when installing patch panels.

Providing 12" depth allowance and designed to be mounted on the wall, Wallit™ Incline, 4U provides 4 RMU rack space for mounting patch panels, network and communication equipment on its pair of #10-32 pre-tapped front mounting rails. Its open frame design allows the rack to be installed over existing equipment without having to remove and re-terminate network cables.

Ample cable routing is available with Wallit Incline, 4U's open frame design, and the two 2⅜" diameter cable-access knockouts on either side of the rack. The rear lacing bars on either side of the rack allow for excess cabling to be secured with the use of optional RackiTies.

The heavy duty steel construction makes Wallit Incline, 4U capable of supporting up to 75 lbs. of network equipment in both the open and closed position.

Wallit™ Incline, 4U ships completely assembled making installation easy. Simply remove the rack from the packaging, mount it to the wall using the four key holes, and install your components with 10-32 rack screws (sold separately).

Mounting stationary equipment

Wallit Incline 1U Brackets In some cases, when a stationary rack-mount appliance (such as a PDU) must be part of the installation, or when non-rack mountable devices need to be placed on a shelf installed within the rack configuration, Wallit Incline, 4U 1U brackets come in handy.

Designed not to tilt down when the gate is opened, Wallit Incline, 4U 1U stationary rack-mount brackets allow a shelf or a stationary rack-mount appliance to be mounted and secured in a fixed position.

Wallit™ Incline, 4U stationary rack-mount brackets offer the ability to add an extra 1U space to the top or bottom of Wallit Incline, 4U wall mount rack. Learn more...

Protecting the rack

Wallit Incline CoverWallit™ Incline, 4U cover accessory covers the rack at the top and at the bottom, provides cable-access and doubles as a shelf.

Wallit Incline, 4U's modular design allows you to mount multiple racks above and/or below each other, creating a larger rack solution. In such case, Wallit Incline, 4U cover acts as a separator between each unit.

When mounted both on top and below that rack, Wallit™ Incline, 4U's cover accessory turns it to become a fully-enclosed wall-mount rack, preventing dust and debris from settling on the equipment.

The cover's rear cut out also provides an entrance for cable routing.

Mounted on top of the rack, Wallit Incline, 4U cover can also double as a shelf for mounting non-rack mountable devices within the rack configuration. Learn more...

Key features

  • Rackit's Life-Time WarrantyAvailable (optional) cover for protection
  • Available (optional) 1U brackets for stationary rack-mounting
  • #10-32 tapped rails
  • 12" rack-mount depth
  • 90 degree swing down mounting frame
  • 75 lbs. weight capacity
  • 19" EIA 310-D compliant
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty

KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack

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KVM Switch, Server Rack, LAN management cables, KVM Switches, rackmount, computer rack