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Rackit® Technology Corporation offers a wide range of KVM over IP, and serial over IP solutions to remotely control and access servers, network appliances, and PDUs, suitable for any type of customer needs, from enterprises (with multiple locations and branches), to large or small data centers, to remote branches, to home offices.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you the power of the KVM and serial over IP solutions we offer, along with our cross-brand expertise in KVM and serial over IP solutions.

A live KVM over IP Test Drive will allow you to access and control remote servers from your (networked) computer at your desk, over an IP connection.

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  1. Which system would you like to see a demonstration of?

    Enterprise Solution
     Dominion series
     DSView/DSR series
        Stand-Alone KVM Switching Solution
     AdderView CAT-X
     MasterConsole IP
     Phantom MXIP
     Smart CAT5 16-IP
    KVM over IP Gateway (Connecting to an existing KVM switch)
     AdderLink IP
     IP Control
     IP Reach
     Smart IP Access
     Smart IP Link
        Stand-Alone Serial Console-Port Switching Solution
     Dominion SX
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  2. How many target devices (servers, routers, Ethernet switches, etc.) are you looking to control?

     Fewer than 15
     15 to 100
     over 100

  3. In how many locations are these target devices deployed?

     One location
     Two locations
     3 to 5 locations
     Over 5 locations

  4. When are you looking to purchase KVM/Serial over IP management solution?

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     Just Getting Information

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Rackit® Technology Corporation offers IT professionals an array of expert solutions to mount, manage, control, and protect Information Technology infrastructure, making network environment effectively manageable, easily accessible, safe, well maintained, and adaptable to changing requirements.

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